[]Struct gstreamer::buffer::BUFFER_COPY_ALL

pub struct BUFFER_COPY_ALL { /* fields omitted */ }

Methods from Deref<Target = BufferCopyFlags>

pub const NONE: BufferCopyFlags

pub const FLAGS: BufferCopyFlags

pub const TIMESTAMPS: BufferCopyFlags

pub const META: BufferCopyFlags

pub const MEMORY: BufferCopyFlags

pub const MERGE: BufferCopyFlags

pub const DEEP: BufferCopyFlags

pub fn bits(&self) -> u32

Returns the raw value of the flags currently stored.

pub fn is_empty(&self) -> bool

Returns true if no flags are currently stored.

pub fn is_all(&self) -> bool

Returns true if all flags are currently set.

pub fn intersects(&self, other: BufferCopyFlags) -> bool

Returns true if there are flags common to both self and other.

pub fn contains(&self, other: BufferCopyFlags) -> bool

Returns true all of the flags in other are contained within self.

Trait Implementations

impl Deref for BUFFER_COPY_ALL

type Target = BufferCopyFlags

The resulting type after dereferencing.

impl LazyStatic for BUFFER_COPY_ALL

Auto Trait Implementations

impl Send for BUFFER_COPY_ALL

impl Sync for BUFFER_COPY_ALL

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