[][src]Struct gstreamer_sys::GstPad

pub struct GstPad {
    pub object: GstObject,
    pub element_private: gpointer,
    pub padtemplate: *mut GstPadTemplate,
    pub direction: GstPadDirection,
    pub stream_rec_lock: GRecMutex,
    pub task: *mut GstTask,
    pub block_cond: GCond,
    pub probes: GHookList,
    pub mode: GstPadMode,
    pub activatefunc: GstPadActivateFunction,
    pub activatedata: gpointer,
    pub activatenotify: GDestroyNotify,
    pub activatemodefunc: GstPadActivateModeFunction,
    pub activatemodedata: gpointer,
    pub activatemodenotify: GDestroyNotify,
    pub peer: *mut GstPad,
    pub linkfunc: GstPadLinkFunction,
    pub linkdata: gpointer,
    pub linknotify: GDestroyNotify,
    pub unlinkfunc: GstPadUnlinkFunction,
    pub unlinkdata: gpointer,
    pub unlinknotify: GDestroyNotify,
    pub chainfunc: GstPadChainFunction,
    pub chaindata: gpointer,
    pub chainnotify: GDestroyNotify,
    pub chainlistfunc: GstPadChainListFunction,
    pub chainlistdata: gpointer,
    pub chainlistnotify: GDestroyNotify,
    pub getrangefunc: GstPadGetRangeFunction,
    pub getrangedata: gpointer,
    pub getrangenotify: GDestroyNotify,
    pub eventfunc: GstPadEventFunction,
    pub eventdata: gpointer,
    pub eventnotify: GDestroyNotify,
    pub offset: i64,
    pub queryfunc: GstPadQueryFunction,
    pub querydata: gpointer,
    pub querynotify: GDestroyNotify,
    pub iterintlinkfunc: GstPadIterIntLinkFunction,
    pub iterintlinkdata: gpointer,
    pub iterintlinknotify: GDestroyNotify,
    pub num_probes: c_int,
    pub num_blocked: c_int,
    pub priv_: *mut GstPadPrivate,
    pub ABI: GstPad_ABI,


object: GstObjectelement_private: gpointerpadtemplate: *mut GstPadTemplatedirection: GstPadDirectionstream_rec_lock: GRecMutextask: *mut GstTaskblock_cond: GCondprobes: GHookListmode: GstPadModeactivatefunc: GstPadActivateFunctionactivatedata: gpointeractivatenotify: GDestroyNotifyactivatemodefunc: GstPadActivateModeFunctionactivatemodedata: gpointeractivatemodenotify: GDestroyNotifypeer: *mut GstPadlinkfunc: GstPadLinkFunctionlinkdata: gpointerlinknotify: GDestroyNotifyunlinkfunc: GstPadUnlinkFunctionunlinkdata: gpointerunlinknotify: GDestroyNotifychainfunc: GstPadChainFunctionchaindata: gpointerchainnotify: GDestroyNotifychainlistfunc: GstPadChainListFunctionchainlistdata: gpointerchainlistnotify: GDestroyNotifygetrangefunc: GstPadGetRangeFunctiongetrangedata: gpointergetrangenotify: GDestroyNotifyeventfunc: GstPadEventFunctioneventdata: gpointereventnotify: GDestroyNotifyoffset: i64queryfunc: GstPadQueryFunctionquerydata: gpointerquerynotify: GDestroyNotifyiterintlinkfunc: GstPadIterIntLinkFunctioniterintlinkdata: gpointeriterintlinknotify: GDestroyNotifynum_probes: c_intnum_blocked: c_intpriv_: *mut GstPadPrivateABI: GstPad_ABI

Trait Implementations

impl Clone for GstPad[src]

impl Copy for GstPad[src]

impl Debug for GstPad[src]

Auto Trait Implementations

impl !Send for GstPad

impl Unpin for GstPad

impl !Sync for GstPad

impl UnwindSafe for GstPad

impl RefUnwindSafe for GstPad

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